Saturday, January 7, 2017

In the writing mood.I have alot to talk about alot of things going on in my mental mind of Omg I forgot to do this today or that today,,Thank God for notebooks and Stapled paper with important dates and numbers on each sheet.I am so tired of doctor after doctor and I sit in pain but they say it is one thing it will be ok live with it but the other part of me just feels so sick.I think the coughing up my hot lung is what hurts the most.Gotta go to talk to some sleep doctor and then another appointment with Digestive health.
Some days it takes all I can to get out of my bathroom and try to make it a day when I am not sitting in there for half a day.It is awful.And at work yeah right..they say I can live with it my job on the other hand I think is fed up with the fact I spend most days behind the locked door of a stall in otter pain.
I have tried for almost a whole year to stay strong,get up like normal people  grab some coffee head to the bathroom to get ready for a full day of work with all these feelings and hurting,,mental and physical.I found this great saying today that nailed it for me...

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