Sunday, January 8, 2017

21 Days

Starting my 21 day fasting,,Today was just something else,,I had many signs from God today and it just shook my body and soul,
The other day I was talking about the book of Revelations and my womans Sunday school she brought it up,,how great it was to talk to someone about that.I learn more and more but what really got me and This gives me chills..
Kinda long,,you know you love my stories,,
About few yrs ago in the same church I go now I had it out with the Pastors wife over a big misunderstanding and I had no voice,,for I never got to tell me side,,so I fleed the Church and told myself never again would I step into this church with a Pastors wife like she was...anyway I left the church but I never stopped going to Church I found other churches close by COG.As I pulled into this little back road with a little white church setting way back I pulled in and said Let's do this so as I walked in I was Greeted by the Pastor Gorden and his wife and family and others they open their door to me,,Well I well known Family Gospel singers and I sat in the back pew and this young lady got up and her family and they went on to sing,,well the girl sang this Song that just hit me hit me hard it was so real for me noone even knew,,,As she sang I cryed I bawled my eyes out Oh Lord how I have forsaken you but you have never ever gave up on me,,,As I was leaving that night I told the girl I said Hunny you wrote that song for me,,I am telling you this is my song so she gave me a CD and I played it over and over and over til 1 day it was gone...I am not going to sugar coat this anymore,,,it has been a really bad yr for me since March,,no things are not better I am trying everyday to not give in to this mind dysfunction driving me crazy ,and just to tired sometimes to fight,,now back to the song,,I lost the CD I do listen to it on on the way to church we were talking God and I and I said Lord you know right now how this crazy mind is I need comfort I need a sign I am not alone and guess what came on the radio
? You got it!!!! My song Praise him when we need him Praise him when we don't Thank you God for all the signs today Thank you Lord for Brother Wells today he is our retired Senior Pastor very Godly man I thank him today for taking me in during my need Thank you for the prayers,,Life is tough but I am about to get tougher,,,anyone want to know about the Fasting let me know,,
God Bless
Downs Family

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